History of Physics Group

The group’s main aims are to research and present accounts of the ways in which the subject of physics has developed, and also of the lives and achievements of the men and women who orchestrated this development.  The group also explores ways in which historical developments can be used in the understanding, teaching and general communication of physics.

The main areas of interest are:

  • the history of physics discoveries, theories and concepts;
  • the history of experimentation and instruments;
  • the history of interactions between physics and society;
  • oral history and archives.

The group provides a forum where the different and somewhat fragmented disciplines of physics and related subjects are able to interact fruitfully. It pursues the study of the history of physics from the perspective of the physicist, and so its activities are of particular interest to physics practitioners, but it also encourages dialogue between physicists and professional historians of science.

The group organises several lecture meetings each year, of length between half a day and two days, many of them in collaboration with other groups of the Institute of Physics, and usually around a specific theme.  It also supports meeting organised by others when these are likely to be of interest to its members.

The group also produces regular substantial newsletters, which include written accounts of some of the talks from these meetings, other articles and book reviews on the history of physics, and group news. It has also published an e-book which arose out of one of its meetings.

Key dates

Extended Poster submission deadline:

6 May 2022 Midday

Early registration deadline:

13 May 2022

Registration deadline:

27 May 2022