Poster Programme


Mihajlo Pupin - Physicist, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Presented by Malcolm Cooper, Independent


Bruno Touschek (1921 – 1978) and the road to modern-day particle accelerators, Presented by Giulia Pancheri, INFN Frascati National Laboratories


Historical Photographic Data Archivrd - Treasure of Astrophysics, Presented by Rajka Jurdana-Šepić, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Physics, Rijeka, Croatia, Ulisse Munari, INAF Astronomical Observatory of Padova, Asiago, Italy & Peter Kroll, Sonneberg Observatory, Germany


On The Road to Modern Thermodynamics: From the work of Clausius and Gibbs to De Donder's affinity through the history of Solvay Councils, Presented by Alessio Rocci, University of Brussels


A global history of the 1919 solar eclipse: the international circulation of photographs taken by the British expeditions, Presented by Luís Tirapicos and Samuel Gessner, University of Lisbon


The light deflection measurements of 1919: the data analyses in a nutshell, Presented by Ismael Tereno, University of Lisbon


Evolution of relativistic quantum field theories through the history of renormalization, Presented by Zachos Christodoulopoulos


Georgi Nadjakov – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics creator, Presented by Ganka Kamisheva


Light and Literature in the Victorian Lab: The Influence of X-Rays on Joseph Conrad, Presented by Christopher Sinclair


Where is our contradiction between scientific and religious truth? Heisenberg's construction of the road to modern physics, Presented by Elena Schaa


Transformational Physics and Physicists in Transition from Colonial to Post-colonial Independent India, Presented by Swapan Chattopadhyay

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6 May 2022 Midday

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13 May 2022

Registration deadline:

27 May 2022