Previous Conferences

  • In addition to the three International Conferences held in 2014, 2016 and 2018 and referred to below, a one-day Virtual Conference was held via Zoom on 4th June 2021 at which the following talks were given:

    The ghost of Galileo and the Spirit of Copenhagen
    John Heilbron

    To G or not to G: J H Poynting and the gravitational constant in the 19th century
    Isobel Falconer

    The Marie Curie effect
    Patricia Farr

    Political inopportunism and friendly disservice: on the premature Nobel Prize to Otto Hahn and the missed Nobel Prize to Lise Meitner
    Karl Grandin

    Unpublished correspondence with Kelvin and others – the Rayleigh archive
    Paul Radford

    Challenges in the measurement and understanding of electromotive force
    Hasok Chang

    Bruno Touschek and the genesis of electron-positron colliders
    Giulia Pancheri and Luisa Bonolis

    A tribute to the late Peter Schuster
    Denis Weaire

    In addition, posters were presented by:
    Alison McMillan, Taimara Passero, Andre Fantin, Eve-Aline Dubois, Zach Velas, Sandeep Battula, Roman Plyatsko, Reinhard Folk, Carole Nahum


  • 2018 – San Sebastian, Spain

  • 2016 - Pöllau, Austria

  • 2014 - Cambridge, UK

Key dates

Extended Poster submission deadline:

6 May 2022 Midday

Early registration deadline:

13 May 2022

Registration deadline:

27 May 2022