History of Trinity College Dublin

The Fitzgerald Building in 1906

The venue for the conference is the Fitzgerald Building of Trinity College, located on its historic campus in heart of the city of Dublin.

Trinity College Dublin was founded in 1592, slowly developing over the 17th C. new ideas in what we now know as physics, culminating in the establishment of a chair in ‘Natural and Experimental Philosophy’ endowed in 1724 by wealthy landowner Erasmus Smith. The first incumbent, Richard Helsham was followed by such luminaries as Humphrey Lloyd, James MacCullagh and George Francis FitzGerald. 


Richard Helsham George Francis FitzGerald

The late nineteenth century saw the professionalization of physics, with the creation of many modern Physics Departments, housed in dedicated buildings with teaching and research laboratories. George Francis Fitzgerald, the doyen of the influential international band of Maxwellians, was ambitious to follow this trend, but his dream was not fulfilled until a few years after his untimely death in 1901. The building is notable as the venue for Schroedinger’s lectures “What is Life?” during his period at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. More recently many physics graduates fondly remember the lectures of Ernest Walton, with demonstrations at the bench of the impressive lecture theatre.

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